by Son & Heir

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released April 20, 2016

Music by Son & Heir

Rob Avery - Guitars/Vocals
J.T. Bielan - Bass/Vocals
Brad Emmons - Drums
Tyler Richardson - Vocals/Guitar/Keys

Recorded at Noisy Little Critter Studios
Produced and Mixed by Mike Bardzik
Mastered by Stephen Egerton at Armstrong Recording



all rights reserved


Son & Heir Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Since forming in 2013, Son & Heir have crafted a brand of heavy, melodic, rock that links back to the group's collective hardcore and punk roots, while embracing a unique direction all their own. Their debut EP—Anchorless—is now available.

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Track Name: Into the Sea
Adrift in the undertow
You fight it to let you go
(As we tend to your arrangements)
With all that you think you know
How can you sleep there below?
(“Ever hearing, not understanding”)

Hands tremble, you witness
I can’t pretend I’m just like you
If I could only see clearer
No rest until the waves pull me down

Can we still find a better sleep tonight?
(Can we still?)

Throw me into the sea
Then the storm will release
(What power makes this sea settle still?)
How far will you let me go?
Sink down to the depths below
(Leagues beneath our understanding)
Track Name: Olympus Mons
Seems like centuries
Without you here beside
Alone at apogee
Lost and left to die
It’s hard to believe
We might somehow survive
Dive into the sea
Fall out of the sky

Choose something like a star
So we might not be swayed
A light held in the dark
For when the brightness fades
Our eyes are fixed afar
Stay our minds and be staid

Across a sea of sand
Beneath red desert sun
Embrace the challenge of
A new life on the run
We know not what it means
We know not what we’ll find
Dive into the sea
Fall out of the sky

(This time I will not forget it)
(Fall in between the seams
Fall into endless sky
There’s life beyond the dream
We can leave here if we try)
Track Name: In Between
The ideas try to come to me
Yet I’m too numb to feel them now
Clones and singularities
Missing out and in between
I feel the same
Swelling within
I feel ashamed
I fucking missed it again
It’s the fault of the dealer
The blame lies with the consignee

Just ‘cause you were wrong
That doesn’t make it nothing
I never said you’re nothing
Easier said than done
To walk away with nothing
Are we better off with nothing?

This ship has sailed the seventh sea
Irony keeps it floating
Laugh it off; rinse and repeat
Ignoring all the honestly
Caring and true
Advice and wisdom preached to me and preached to you
Experience the moment
Not through your goddamned screen

No one can teach you to live for something
Simple moments contain more substance
Let your guard down and give in, compromise
Ditch your screen of permanence
Life happens in between
Life happens in between
Track Name: Crowder
I am a man
Armed with will and a plan
But I know what I’ve already done

Ear to the ground
Whether lost could be found
But the silence I found deafening
I couldn’t stand
Leaving where I began
Can’t feed medicine to the dead

Violent but contained
Even the devil prays for rain
Every now and again
I feel it like a curse
Never better, never worse
Everything stays the same
And I want out

Walk through the night
Using darkness as sight
Unafraid of all I might find
‘Cause I’ve made a home
In places blacker than coal
Buried deep and I dig deeper still

Don’t you find it strange?
Suspicion can create
What it suspects
A cruel unending test
To leave me as I am
Cut out the rest
(Just cut out the rest)
Track Name: Fahrenheit
The air seemed charged
Autumn leaves on moonlit pavement
Moved through dark
Without a sound you hear her whisper:
“Let it burn away
Everything you thought you knew
Let it burn away”
All this must be far more than it seems

It breaks into
And courses through
A kerosene bloom
Erasing you
The words you seek
Burning agleam
With them held tight
Take back the light

In your hands
May have found a truth but
It’s like holding sand
With hissing lips his words compelling:
“Let it burn away”
Citing scripture for his purpose
“Let it burn away”
All this must be far more than it seems

It burnt time, it burns the years
Without any help or strife
Though the fire and the flames sear
Welcome back to life
If we try, we can stay here
And make it through the night
With our hearts and our minds steeled
We can take back the light